Rebel Justice - changing the way you see justice

Episode 44 : Unearthing Resilience: Nicole Rose's Journey from Prison to Plant Power

July 12, 2023 Rebel Justice - The View Magazine Season 3 Episode 44
Rebel Justice - changing the way you see justice
Episode 44 : Unearthing Resilience: Nicole Rose's Journey from Prison to Plant Power
Rebel Justice - changing the way you see justice +
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This is the first of our Frontline Warriors series in which we meet people creating transformative change in the justice system. 

Nicole Rose is an anarchist organiser and herbalist living in England who has been active in struggles for human, animal and earth liberation for over 20 years. Nicole did a 3.5-year prison sentence aged 21 amidst a decade of state repression against the campaign to close down Europe’s largest animal testing company. She’s been supporting loved ones in prison for over 18 years and founded the Solidarity Apothecary, a project supplying free plant medicines to people experiencing and recovering from state violence and repression. Nicole is the author of The Prisoner’s Herbal and Overcoming Burnout.

From her challenging time in HMP Bronzefield prison to her healing journey through the power of plants and wildflowers, Nicole's story is a testament to resilience and the transformative power of plants. Listen closely as she shares  poignant revelations of her experiences in the prison system, and how the power of plant medicine promotes collective autonomy and resistance against climate change, capitalism, and state violence.

Our podcast, brought to you by The View Magazine, is proud to serve as a platform for women in the justice system - a place where their voices echo and resonate, where we collectively shine a light on the pressing issues of injustice, gender inequality, and in institutionally oppressive systems.

This episode, featuring Nicole's harrowing but hopeful narrative, speaks truth to power and is  testament to the strength of women standing tall against adversity.

 Please be advised, our discussion includes content related to violence against women, which may be triggering. We encourage you to pause and take care of yourself if it feels overwhelming.

Tune in again to be inspired and enlightened as we amplify these vital voices and address the issues that matter.

See the link to The Solidarity Apothecary website here
Her Instagram is here 

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Speaker 1:

Welcome to the Rebel Justice Podcast. In this week's podcast, we bring you personal perspective from a person who experienced prison and found healing in plants and wildflowers while she was at the HMP Bronze Field. Nicole Rose is the famous founder of Solidarity Apothecary, which focuses on plant medicines to strengthen collective autonomy, self-defense and resilience to climate change, capitalism and state violence. Nicole spoke with Farah about her wide knowledge and experience of the prison system and the importance of using the plants as a method of supporting against oppression. Rebel Justice Podcast is produced by the View Magazine, which is the only platform by and for women in the justice system where, by amplifying their stories, we shine a light on injustice, gender inequality and abusive systems. Disclosure this podcast contains content related to violence against women which some users may find traumatizing. Please listen with care and look after yourself if it feels overwhelming or triggering.